Susan Sellers Carson Scholarship Procedures

Each year the Southport Historical Society awards this scholarship in honor of Miss Susie Carson.  It’s a two year award of $1,000 each year.  Students must maintain a B average to be eligible for the second years’ award.  The money is sent directly to the student’s school and requires full-time enrollment.  If a second candidate is worthy of an award, the SHS has periodically approved a small second award, usually $500, for one year.  The annual award can be divided between the academic terms at the school if that is the school’s policy.

The application is updated and usually new questions based on local history are added each fall. By December the forms are distributed to SBHS counselor, Nikita James.  Letters and copies of the applications are also sent to the high school principal, Greg Bland, history/social studies teacher and the senior English teacher.  A flier listing the details of the scholarship is printed and distributed to the library, Visitor Center, City Hall and other area locations.  Usually the date that applications must be received is during the first week in April.  Applications are mailed to the SHS post office box (10014) and must be postmarked by the deadline.  An announcement regarding the application is sent to the State Port Pilot as soon as applications are available and it is run in the paper frequently until the application deadline has past.   Notifications to students are done by early May.  The winner is asked to join the society at its May meeting and to read their essay.

Students and the high school counselor complete the application form, provide their current transcripts, letters of recommendations, information regarding their high school activities and an essay based on one of the questions on the application form. Essay requirements are listed on the application forms

An award letter is mailed to the winner and it lists the requirements for receiving it the second year.  A separate award letter is sent to the secondary winner if that award is made.  Letters go to all the students who applied but not awarded.  Letters go to the high school counselor as well.  The society makes an announcement in the newspaper. In mid-summer, letters are sent to the college financial aid offices along with the checks and instructions for disbursing the award.

SHS volunteers evaluate each of the application components – rating them on a scale such as 1-5.  Once a winner is selected the scholarship coordinator notifies all the students of the results as well as SBHS.

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