Nicknamed “THOR”, after the mythical god of thunder, the society’s full-scale replica of an 1841 bronze six-pound cannon is a lively addition to many events in the area. Cannon Ltd. Of Coolville, Ohio constructed the cannon in May, 1991 for Robert C. DeHaven. In June 2001, Mr. DeHaven donated the cannon to the Southport Historical Society to be used to promote the city of Southport by firings at appropriate historical, nautical, civic and other special events. “Thor” made its film debut in Ted Turner’s epic film “Gods and Generals”.

Celebrate With A “BLAST FROM THE PAST”

The cannon is available for hire for public and private firings. The society’s gun crew will bring “Thor” to your special event. It has been fired for:

The Gun Crew

Our gun grew consists of ten individuals, all of whom have been trained and certified by the National Civil War Artillery Association. A minimum crew of five will safely fire this cannon using the same cannon drill developed during the Civil War period. Not only do you get a “big bang” when the cannon is fired, you also get a show during the drill prior to and after the firing.

For a brochure, donation schedule and more information email:

Visit the Southport Visitor Center for additional information.

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