We are proud to announce that the Southport Historical Society has partnered with the City of Southport in transforming the Garrison House into the City’s Visitor Center and museum.  This is truly an “historical” moment for the City as this iconic house will finally be open to the public and developed to showcase the unique history of Southport and Fort Johnston. The Society has recently appointed Don Parker to lead the effort in developing the museum and the east wing, which has been earmarked for our sole use.  He is seeking the support of those within the Society who share his passion for making the Garrison House a central attraction and an enduring building in Southport of which we can all be proud.

If you would like to contribute your time and effort to this project, please contact Don Parker at (910) 368-3291 or email.

There will be opportunities to lend assistance in the creative development of the museum as well as the physical improvement of the building itself, i.e., sweat equity!

We look forward to this new challenge and this opportunity to make a significant contribution to this place where it all started.

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