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Architecture of Southport

By Carl Lounsbury
A survey with a brief history and photographs of 151 Southport homes and other structures made in 1978. $7.00 retail
$6.00 members
Before We Were Quaint

By Larry Maisel
This book is a result of more than a dozen years of research, more than 80 interviews. $25.00 retail
$22.00 members
Cap’n Charlie and the Lights of the Lower Cape Fear

By Ethel Herring
Story of Captain Charles Swan and his many years with the US Lighthouse Service, especially at Bald Head Island. $10.00 retail
$9.00 members
The Cemeteries of Southport

Compiled By Dorcas W. Schmidt
An inventory of gravesites and tombstones published in 1983 for the Old Smithville Burying Ground and other local cemeteries.$8.00 retail
$7.00 members
ChronV1Chronologies of Smithville/Southport, Volume I, II, III, IV, and V

By Bill Reaves
Five volume chronology of the history of Southport (Smithville) and surrounding community.NA
Volume I (1520-1887)$10.00 retail
$7.00 members
Volume II (1887-1920)$10.00 Retail
$7.00 Member
Volume III (1920-1940)$10.00 retail
$5.00 members
Volume IV (1941-1970)$10.00 retail
$5.00 members
Volume V (1970-1990)$10.00 retail
$7.00 members
Classic Southport Cooking

By Lewis J. Hardee, Jr.
“Southport’s Signature Cookbook”. There are over 700 recipes with many coming from the town’s best cooks past and present. $22.00 retail
$18.00 members
Guns for Cotton

By Thomas Boaz
There are many surprising revelations about the War Between the States in this book.Sold Out
HauntedHaunted Wilmington and the Cape Fear Coast

By Brooks Newton Priek
$15.00 retail
$14.00 members
A History of Fort Johnston

By Wilson Angley
A comprehensive history of a North Carolina colonial fort, which is the historic centerpiece of the city of Southport.$6.00 retail
$5.00 members
Hominy Muffins and Oyster Pie: The Lives and Recipes of the Ladies of Southport in 1907

By Bob Surridge
Life stories of 54 Southport ladies who contributed their recipes to a 1907 church cookbook. Also includes nearly 100 of their everyday recipes.$11.00 retail
$10.00 members
Joshua’s Dream – The Story of Old Southport – A Town with Two Names

By Susan S. Carson*
The most comprehensive published history of Smithville/Southport.$10.00 retail
$9.00 members
(*$25 included in Carson trilogy)
Joshua’s Legacy – Dream Makers of Old Southport

Edited by Susan S. Carson* and Jon C. Lewis
Compilation of stories about the people who built the town we now know as Southport.$10.00 retail
$9.00 members
(*$25 included in Carson trilogy)
Lelia Jane, A Very Gentle Lady – A Half Century of Life in Old Southport

By Susie Carson* and Larry Maisel
This charming book began as a family memoir project and developed into a short history of the town’s lifestyle between 1922 and 1972.
$9.00 retail
$8.00 members
(*$25 included in Carson trilogy)
Long Beach, A North Carolina Town: Its Origin and History

By Wolfgang Furstenau

Fifty years of the development of this beach town are covered including maps, photographs, and short biographies.$19.00 retail
$16.00 members
front cover smMasters of the Shoals: Tales of the Cape Fear Pilots Who Ran the Union Blockade

By Jim McNeil
Recounting of the blockade-runners’ tales with photographs and maps.$20.00 retail
$16.00 members
Of Home and the River: Southport Stories from the Civil War to the Present

By Lewis J. Hardee, Jr.
A native son relates stories of the “children of the river” laced with humor, heartaches, tears and a little scandal here and there.$24.00 retail
$20.00 members
Reminiscences of Wilmington and Smithville-Southport 1848-1900

By Dr. Walter G. Curtis (1905) and edited by Wolfgang Furstenau (1999)
This small book gives an inside look at one man’s thinking on topical ideas and issues over some fifty years before the turn of the 20th century.$5.00 retail
$4.00 members
Southport Secrets

Compiled By Donald K. Johnson
Little- and well-known facts of the town’s history are written in this book describing local scenes.$8.00 retail
$7.00 members
Three Southern FamiliesThree Southern Families

By Lewis J. Hardee, Jr.
A history connecting Hardee, Jones and Davis families of Coastal North Carolina$30.00 retail
$25.00 members
NOTE: Southport Historical Society sells its own publications as well as books published by local authors with connections to the society. Other non-fiction books deemed relevant to Southport and regional history are considered for sale by the society on assessment by our book selection committee.

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